Back soon

Yeah, the first year with a baby is always tough. Sleep deprivation, getting in terms with everything. Yourself. Your new life… I think the second year is even worse. At least that’s how I felt with my two kids. Getting back to work. Life changes again. Blah blah. I’ve felt quite burned out when around […]

Part One.16 – Thailand

August 26th, 2005. „The Beach-Beach“. The Tsunami (Dec 2004) had hit the shores of Koh Phi Phi only eight months before. We spent our last days in Thailand on an island that had turned a well deserved vacation or daily routine into a mere nightmare for hundreds of people.  We could vividly remember the widespread […]

Smoking Chills

On Liberté toujours to quit anytime. To quit smoking is an easy thing to do. I have achieved this many times now. Haha, yeah… No, I’m serious. I mean it like I said. It doesn’t take much to quit. Moodswings for a day or two. Focus on the benefits: like the smell. Yes! You get […]

Back soon!

    So I started working again. My daughter turned 5. Xmas approached. Santa stole Polly. End of 2016. Happy New Year… Will be back shortly! With more on travels, and new posts on cigarrettes&gin and socks&sandals. Yes! Both excellent combos. See you soon… 😘💀💅🏻

Part One.15 – Thailand

  August 24th, 2005. So things got a little serious today. A loud and aggressive hammering at our front door woke us early in the morning. I was right up. “What the heck is going on?!” I wondered half asleep but wide awake. This was no “knock-knock- hello, roomservice?” It was more like “open the […]

Part One.14 – Thailand

  August 23rd, 2005. Lesson learned: Cockroaches under the bed are fine. Out of sight, out of mind. Toiletpaper (still) does not belong into the toilet. Oh and look how much better my knee is! In case you missed out on what happened, read full story here: Part One.5        

Adam’s Banana

Blame it on the Gin&Tonic I just had. In case traveling bores you, this blogpost is about penisses on a lonely island… 💕 I have to admit I fall for TrashTV. I don’t know why. There are countless better things to do with your time than watching this nonsense. Scratching your ass and sniffing your […]

Part One.13 – Thailand

August 22nd, 2005. Full moon. Full stop. I guess we were one of the very, very few people (our age) who did not attend a legendary Full-Moon-Party here. But according to those who were already up and able to talk we didn’t miss out on a lot. The rest probably wouldn’t remember… Nah, we just […]

Part One.12 – Thailand

August 21st 2005. Far out! I’m melting. Slowest www-connection ever. Whilst waiting for a page to load I enjoy a slight breeze coming from the fan every 10 secs. There are huge sweat patches under my armpit I kind of feel embarrassed about… You see, this is how travelling works. You make plans and then […]

Part One.11 – Thailand

August 20th, 2005. If you google Tanote Bay, you will most likely find pictures of a huge rock emerging from the sea. Yeah, I tried jumping off it. Me. You know, the one who freaks out in knee-deep water. I was going to swim 50something meters from shore to a rock and climb 10m to take […]